Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

{Good morning, dear reader and Happy Easter. Please enjoy this Easter post from two years ago with our most heartfelt Resurrection wishes! HE is RISEN INDEED!}

'Twas the day before Easter and all through the Place,
Things were progressing at a very fast pace.

The eggs had been dyed and the children had fun.
"Hurry quick!" said the mama. "There's more to be done."

The chicks began hatching as little cupcakes.

Then onward to cookies, the next things to bake.
The icing was squirted, the dots were applied.

Little tummies couldn't wait to get them inside!

The day went so fast, as it usually does,
For Easter's tomorrow, and we're all abuzz...
Our clothes are all ready, they're ironed and straight.
Tomorrow's so special, we don't want to be late!

"He has risen!" we'll say, "He has risen indeed!"
He has conquered the grave and has met our great need.
We'll celebrate tomorrow that He rose from the dead.
I love Him so much. He died in my stead.

So tomorrow when we put on our ruffles and bows,

We remember this day's more than pretty new clothes,
And eggs and cookies and other fun things,
Tomorrow is to celebrate The King of all Kings!

Happy Easter!


Sudeana said...

It all just takes my breath away!!! Happy Easter
"Up From the Grave He Arose!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you all too! What a blessing...He's Alive!! See you soon. Love you! Janet & Ken

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