Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun for Your Friday

I woke up the morning after a fairly rough day (see previous post :-), and found myself eye to dark-brown-eye with Molly. Kate, who had been my bed buddy during the night, had vacated the warm blankets in search of a perfect outfit for the day, but she left her baby doll behind. It took Molly absolutely NO time to notice.

"Why do you have a baby doll in your bed?" she asked me suspiciously glancing at our beloved Ethel.

"Kate slept with me last night and she left her baby when she got out of bed," I explained gravel-voiced.

"Kate slept in your bed all night?"

"Yes, she did." I confirmed.

"WHAT a WOMAN!" said my shocked three-year-old.

I do not know which of us it was, Kate or me, who had so impressed Molly. Neither do I know exactly WHAT we had accomplished that had gained her praise, and at that early hour, I was too sleepy to ask!

Have a super weekend!!

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Andrea said...

Oh Molly. You. Are Hilarious. :)
Love you!

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