Friday, May 7, 2010

Live @ 5!

It all began with an early morning voice message that was relayed to my Man as he returned from an appointment a few towns away.  Would he, the caller wanted to know, be willing to come to the local television station to be interviewed for the five o'clock news?

After no small amount of arm-twisting and begging on my part, He agreed.  Late in the afternoon, my Man stopped by the house to change in to something befitting a local news interviewee and paused for inspection and final instructions...

and then...he was off.

"I'm just so nervous for him," Kate fretted, "it's his very first time on TV!  Well, not his very first, but I'm still a little nervous."

"He'll be just fine," I assured her, wondering if he'd remember what he wanted to say and if he'd say it just like it needed to be said.

"Do you think he's down at the station yet?" she asked a few minutes later.  "Is he on TV yet?" she wanted to know.

Finally, finally, finally it was five o'clock and the sound of the news channel's theme music hit our ears.  We gathered round the smallest television in our home for some reason, and waited.

Happily, my Man's "story" was up first.  The anchor woman introduced him, and all of a sudden, there he was.  

"He needs to smile a little," said a girl who never does when she's in front of a crowd.

"He looks so serious," said the boy who's always ready to crack a joke.

"His collar is a little crooked," said the lady who had just ironed that blue shirt and adjusted the collar thirty minutes earlier.

Kate was silent.  

We listened as our Man answered the questions and added a thought or two of his own.  Just as quickly as it was over and the center of our attention disappeared from the screen.

"Can we turn it to Disney now?" Kate found her voice.

I began watching the clock and when about thirty minutes had passed, I called my Man on his cell phone.  Upon getting the voice mail I wondered aloud, "Hmmmmm wonder where he is?"

"Probably being mobbed outside the station by all his adoring fans," joked Cole.

"I don't think so," said Kate very thoughtfully, "that never happens after church!" 



Anonymous said...

He has adoring fans even if they don't mob him ;-) This was really good for a morning chuckle. BTW, he did a great job. Thanks, Janet and Ken

Lori said...

so what was the interview about? We didnt get the big television broadcast here.

Jana Vee said...

I didn't see it!!! Didn't know he was going to be on ... shoot ... bet it was good ... should have took all of you along that would have been great!!! The kids would have stole the show!!! lol

Gretchen said...

The interview was about the National Day of Prayer, its history and about the judge in the south who declared the Day unconstitutional. Can't seem to understand why Kate didn't follow it closely! ha!

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