Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scenes from a Sunday



...do it...

Yea Molly!!  But baby, you forgot your socks.

Good bye BLUE nails!  

Watching her purple toe nails dry. 
(She was told NOT to sit on the couch with wet nails, soooo she called the piano stool in to very active duty.)

A little warm up of "Jesus Loves Me".

After the service...the bag brigade!
(Gotta love a man secure enough to carry a pink purse!)

The PKs in waiting...
(PK = Pastor's Kids.  Waiting for the pink purse guy to pick them up at the door in the family van.)

Molly--shared the nursery today with 11 other babies!  She's plum tuckered.
 (Notice I didn't say she shared with 11 other babies in the nursery today - that certainly didn't happen.)

Cole - bag stuffed with oodles of sermon notes and is ready for some lunch!

Meg - grew into a winsome young lady during the sermon!

Kate - snagged the pink purse from her Dad and is feeling rather sassy while she waits.

After a filling lunch with a wonderful gang of friends ...

Looks like this is gonna be a spectacular pitch...

...and quite a hit too!

Unwinding with some popcorn and a favorite show.

Then, off to bed to start the week all over again!


Tracey said...

Love how sweet they look in their Sunday dresses!!

G'ma suz said...

Looks like a fun day. Loved Molly's "kick-out". Has Darrin ever considered that style when he is carring his pink purse? Love MOM

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