Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A New First

This spring, Molly graduated from sleeper with footies to a nightgown with Tinkerbell!  She thinks she's big stuff now!  Upon receiving this gown from a sweet friend, Molly gave it an aggressive test run.  

Surely it would be suited for some backyard adventures?

Does one wear tennis shoes with a nightgown?

Or bath toys?

The PERFECT thing to wear for TV watching with Kate.

Wow!  I can peel my own banana now that I'm big enough to wear a nightgown!

Unfortunately, Mommy doesn't agree that I'm also big enough to chew gum too.

A good outfit for hide and seek...

...and for upside-downs with Daddy.

Looks good with my SweetTarts chapstick...

Doesn't interfere with the sound in Mom's earphones.

Excellent for stowing away in Mommy's suitcase!

Sometime I might even see how it works for sleeping...

...but not anytime soon!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love it! It's fun seeing Molly enjoy it. It was always one of our favorites too-thanks for paying tribute to it.
Love the Gainers

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