Wednesday, September 29, 2010

O WhAt a DaY!

Today Molly continued to suffer from an upset stomach.

Molly's got a stomach bug.

Molly, who is just learning to potty, certainly has gotten lots of practice today.

Last night I commented to my Man how excited Molly is to have Big Girl pants like the rest of the girls in the family as I was making a large pile of tiny little clean pairs of undies from the laundry basket.  Molly spent today making large piles of her own into the tiny little pairs of undies.

I spent this evening dodging projectile poop.

There's just no good way to tell my tale.

It was quite a day.

The end. (Oh, I hope the end is in sight.  Well there's been an end in sight for most of today and yesterday...never mind.)


Sudeana said...

Praying that baby is better today!!!

G'ma suz said...

Hope you do not see the end as much today from that little pp ("precious pooper"). When this it over you had better have lots of mac and cheese ready. Love MOM

Lori said...

Sorry Gretchen ... but glad I am NOT at your house today!! Dont miss that stuff! Love YOU though!!

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