Friday, January 7, 2011

Pitty Potty

It is with much happiness and celebration, not to mention a three pound bag of M&Ms, that I declare the official end of potty training for Molly.  The girl seems to have gotten the hang of it all and them some...

Often in the mornings, Molly's voice announces "I'm a-vake!" and my Man makes the chilly morning walk up to her room and brings her down and deposits her into bed with me--after a mandatory stop in the bathroom. Last week, however, circumstances required me to be the parent braving the early morning chill to retrieve Molly from her bed and deposit her onto the POTTY.

As I set her down on the floor to remove the necessary clothing for her to complete her task she said, "You go firtht Mommy."
"Thanks Molly, that's nice of you."
So, I took my turn and Molly took her turn, and the morning rolled on as usual.
The next morning was exactly the same, "you go firtht, Mommy," and so on.

The third morning, I had been up for some time before Molly awoke and so the bathroom conversation went this way: "Mommy, you can go firtht."
"I've already been to the potty this morning Molly, it's YOUR turn."
"Ohh," she said a bit pitifully, "it'th gonna be tho cold."
"Molly!" I said shocked, "Is that why you always tell me to go first?"


Lori said...

LOLOLOL The master manipulator! Love it!

Janet said...

I just call that smart. hahaha

Deborah Ware said...

A smart cookie!

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