Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Bunny

Hi! Molly Joy here,  
all bundled up to go play in the snow for the very first time. 
(To tell ya the truth, I NEVER thought Mom was gonna quit putting clothes on me. I've got on 92 layers including my flannel embarrassing! She even put my feet into zipper baggies inside of my shoes to keep them warm she I'm sure she's crazy!)

Last year, you will remember, Mom made me watch the big kids from the window.
 I didn't think it fair at the time but didn't have the vocabulary, as yet, to communicate my innermost feelings on the matter.

Com'on let's head to the back yard, I think that's where the big kids are...

 They're just behind this gate...I can hear them!

 Good thing Colten (that's what I call him, 
everybody else calls him Cole) wath out here, 
'cause my Mom wath NO help AT ALL!

 There's Kate, I can always count on her for some adventure...

Oh now THAT looks fun!!

I wanna sled like Colten!

Ok, sit down like this and...and...and nothin!

"Cole, can you help me?? I wanna go fatht like you!"

"Oh my goodneth, did you see me in mid-air? I wath blurry like Colten!"

"Sure, Molly, you looked the original flying Walinda!" 
(Mom says it's important to keep up her self-confidence!!)

After my big sledding adventure, we went for a walk...

Then Mom lined us up for one of those loony photo shoots where she attempts to get a good picture of ALL of us kids.  I mean really, what are the odds on THAT? Slim to none, I'm telling you, she just keeps trying though.  We really try hard to look nice, she does feed us and all...

"Thorry, didn't know you meant look NOW. I wath thinking about dinner. Lemme try again..."

"What do you mean Kate wath thticking out her tongue?"
Here we go again...

"Oopth, thorry once more! I was just wondering why 
Kate wath thticking out her tongue a minute ago...I'll do better for this next attempt."

"Hey look close, I think I did it...was Kate doing this?..."
"Hey Colten! Did you know you can catch snowflakes on your tongue if you stick it out while Mom isth trying to take our picture? Pretty cool, huh?"

"Lookths like we finally sent her to the moon! What a lift off!"

Thankth for coming out to play with me I had a blast! 
(Seems like Mom did too!)


Sudeana said...

Way too cute! Wish we were close enough to join you for your snow adventures!!

Tiffany said...

Oh, your pictures are too cute! I cannot wait until Nate plays in the snow with me!! =)
BTW, I've just "rediscovered" your blog while organizing our Favorites menu.

Gretchen said...

Nate will be out there sooner than it will seem possible. When that day comes, send him down, I've got lots of snow "buddies" for him!!
(Happy to have been in the "Favorites" file! An honor!! =-)

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