Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Slump

I can't seem to get into any good books lately! I've been reading bits and pieces of some lovely non-fiction, some of which has left a big impression on me, but along fiction lines, it's been famine city! And while being in a book slump is a real bummer for me, it has been utterly distressing for my Man, who has been, of late, walking around with a sack full of books that he is particularly excited about.

"These," he says, nodding toward his bag, "are not just any books, these are rich reading."{A list of these rich books can be found by clicking HERE.}

Then I'd sigh and say, "If only I could get into a good story..." and cast a glance longingly into his book bag. Poor man. It was as if I was accusing him of eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Crunch in front of me without offering a spoon.

Days later my book-lovin' Man said to me, "I've not seen you in this kind of shape for a long time...I think I can fix it."

"Hmmmmmm," thought I, wondering what he could do to "fix it." My Man and I read from such opposite sides of the universe, he almost purely Christian non-fiction and I a fiction fanatic with a cookbook added here and there for flavor.

Later that day he announced, "Look for the UPS man in a few days, I've ordered something for you."
"Hmmmmmmm," thought I AGAIN, wonder what he thinks he's on to. I, never one to let things rest began the inquisition, "Fiction or Non-Fiction?"

"I am not answering any questions, you always figure out my surprises and I'm not letting you this time."

Undeterred, "Is it a new book or a classic? How did you come to have knowledge of this book? What color is the cover, and speaking of the cover is is a hard back or soft back? Why do you think I will like this book?"

"Nope," said he, "not tellin'."

The day my new book was to arrive my Man said, "If that book comes while I'm not here, you must wait until I'm here to open it."

"Really?! You've really got me wondering babe..." and apparently, that's just where he wanted me.

"So much for you not being into getting gifts and being surprised," he chuckled.

"This isn't a gift sort of thing, it's a surprise book, that's a whole different ball game," I attempted to explain. Really, it was a treat anticipating a surprise that had the potential to end by book lethargy that had my heart skipping a few beats.

"Have you considered that this book can in no way equal the build up you've created?"

"Yeah, I thought about that, but I think I've done good."

Finally, my package arrived. He got to the box first and opened it and hid it in his coat.

When I entered the room, he handed me this...

It is the fourth in a series that I absolutely adore and that I've mentioned here before entitled I'm Half-Sick of Shadows. The series of mysteries is by Alan Bradley. The star of the books is 11 year-old Flavia de Luce, one of my all time favorite fictional characters. For an introduction to Flavia, click here.  I didn't even know that the next book was out! I didn't know that another book in the series was even expected. 

He got me. I was surprised and excited and touched that he-who-has-NEVER-read-a-mystery had been keeping track of one of my favorite series. He later confessed that sent him a notice that this book was going to come out and that he'd been waiting for a week or so for it to ship. 

Nice, right?

He's not a perfect man (I had to change my own porch light and all the other day...), but I've got to tell you, it lights up a little part of the inside of me to know that I was on his radar!
Book slump over!


Deborah Ware said...

This was such a sweet post Gretchen! We miss you guys dearly!

Gretchen said...

Hi Deborah!! We miss you guys too!! So much!

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