Monday, May 21, 2012

Grandparent Detox (Is it only for the kids?)

Dear Children,

As we all come back together this weekend after having been apart from one another for almost an entire week, I was thinking about what it will be like for us to "get back to the real world" as your father has been referring to it today.

Usually, when the time nears for the end of your visit with your grandparents, your father and I begin to dread the inevitable necessity of what we've lovingly referred to over the years as Grandparent Detox.
{The Croquette Open in Grandma & Poppy's backyard...Grandma not pictured due to an impressive shiner obtained at wiffle ball championship earlier in the week}
{a "little" whipped cream for breakfast}

{a little more whipped cream for breakfast, again}

This need for your detox is, at its root, an excellent thing in that it means that you've been in the company of grandparents who have been doing exactly what grandparents were made to do...spoil you rotten.

{Molly & Mamma}

Now, you are good kids and a bit of spoiling isn't a bad thing, in fact, it may be good for you once in a great while.
{shopping with Mamma & Pappa}
{result of shopping with Mamma & Pappa}

Unfortunately, the un-spoiling is good for you too and we all come out of Grandparent Detox none the worse for the wear. This time however, your father and I foresee what could prove to be a rather sticky problem...

You see, while you've been basking in the glow of your grandparents' loving attention, your dad and I have been driving around in a minivan with empty back seats. For a while, the silence from back there was a bit eerie, but we eventually got used to it.

We have been enjoying uninterrupted conversations and eventually, we got used to it. We have been staying in a hotel where our bed was made for us, our wet towels were removed from the floor for us, and our breakfast was ready and waiting for us to eat...everyday...and it didn't take long for us to get used to it.

While your father was participating in a conference, I spent my time seated, alone, reading any one of the twenty or so books that I brought with me.
{one of three full bags I'd packed full of reading material...clearly, I'm in need of an intervention}

When not reading books, I could be found wandering aimlessly around a local bookstore...

...looking at cookbooks, mostly. One day when inspired by some fascinating ingredients discussed in these cookbooks, I decided, on a whim, and without taking anyone else into consideration, to go shopping at an amazing grocery store where I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the baking and bean aisles.

While I was painting the town red, your father was listening to wonderful speakers, writing copious notes, and pondering all that he was learning. When finished pondering, he also, made his way to a wonderful bookstore and spent a ridiculous amount of time in the "Spurgeon" aisle, as you might well imagine.

Since we have all been apart, I have not cooked one meal, washed one piece of clothing, swept one floor, refereed one argument, tucked even one child into bed at night, and have not instructed anyone to brush their hair or their teeth.

Your father has fixed no breakfast for "hungee" three year olds, hasn't stepped on any toys, hasn't taken anybody to any practices, hasn't instructed even one soul to take out the trash or to clean their room or to get their school work finished. He hasn't mowed one single blade of grass.

It would seem, dear children, that your father and I may need a bit of detox ourselves.

All of us have partaken in a bit of luxury this week. We've all lived a bit "high on the hog" as they say. All of us will likely be short on patience as we get used to one another again, as we get used to sharing our space again, as we get used to pitching in to get chores done again, as we get used to considering one another again.

I'm confident that, as in times past, you children will come out of detox none the worse for the wear. You've all been down this road before and have met with success each time. My concern is for your father and I.

Please, take it easy on us. We missed you ALL so much, but we've grown soft and spoiled...

...and we liked it.

With love,
Your Soon-to-be-Detoxed Parents
{on a little footbridge over a gentle waterfall...just before the ice cream shoppe}

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G'ma suz said...

Always our pleasure !!! Love Gma and Poppy

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