Sunday, May 13, 2012

Now Hiring...

We were out and about seeking to cram some much needed family time into a schedule that had, in past weeks, allowed for very little. Whenever it can be arranged on outings such as these, a visit to Sonic is usually in order, AND if we happen to arrive during the happy hour when our sodas and slushies are half price...all the better!

We pulled into the drive thru just as Kate noticed a large sign, "Hey! Sonic is hiring! Dad, you should get a JOB!" At that, the pair of us in the front seat grinned at each other as if to say, "even our own child!"

It is a common occurrence for a child to approach my husband and ask him what his Real Job is.  As you are grinning at that, also know that a fair number of adults have asked the same question!

Cole, rolling his eyes answered, "Kate! Dad has a job already!"

"Well," she considered, "Mom could get a job there..."

"Really Kate! Mom has even more jobs than Dad does!"

Now, I'm not sure my kiddo was actually correct, but I kinda like it that he thinks it's so!

{Now I'm off to go bake that boy a pie...}

My portrait, by Kate. 
(Skinny legs, no doubt a result of all my work in the gym!!)

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