Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Little Frolicking on The Fourth...

"Can I ride the planes now?"

"Sure," I grinned, "it'll be your last ride tonight." 

It seemed natural to finish with the ride she'd been eyeing all day but, because of the excessive heat, had yet to enjoy. My Man went with the other kids to what would be their last ride of the evening and we agreed to meet in time to watch the fireworks together. Then we would begin the four-hour journey home. 

Molly and I got into a deceivingly short line and began the creeping ascent to the mini helicopters that made a plodding loop above the section of the amusement park that our gang had been frequenting for the greater part of the day.

As we awaited our turn, we chatted about the adventures we'd had on our trip, about all of the interesting sights we could see from our vantage point above the park, about someone she knew who spoke English (?!), why we had to wait in line, and about what color our helicopter would eventually be (pink, we hoped).

After a much longer than anticipated wait, we were escorted to our pink (yea!) helicopter, buckled in, and started on our treck through the skies. 

Just after "take off" we were treated to the beginning explosions of the fireworks show. Our ride was going to take a few minutes and, assured that my Man and the rest of the kids were seeing the show, I settled back into my ever crawling front row seat and pointed again and again to the display out our window.

Molly, as it would happen, was not nearly as thrilled as I to be sitting in just the right place, at just the right time to see the fireworks as the patriotic music thundered below and above us. 

"Why do they keep popping?" she wanted to know.

"Because today is July 4th and July 4th is America's birthday. The fireworks are to celebrate."

"Oh." she said, "is she a big girl or a yittle [little] girl?"

"Who?" I asked, soaking in the display, now to our right.

"America, is she a big girl or a yittle girl?"
Oh dear. 

Note to teacher...please begin course of preschool political science ASAP!

She's getting a better grasp of things today...

...I think?!

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Sudeana said...

That baby cracks me up!! Glad you had a great time!

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