Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Obsessed? Oh My YES!

"ABSOLUTELY NOT. You will NOT be staying up again tonight to watch the Olympics. Before you start rollin' those eyes at me, let's review the times you've been to bed the last many nights: 10, 11, and last night when you went to bed at 9 but didn't get to sleep until 11. I'm your mom and my job is to help you stay healthy and part of staying healthy is getting enough rest, so up the stairs all of you."

I followed them all up the steps, all of us huffing and puffing at one another. I tucked them in, listened to prayers, and then headed back down the stairs...alone. My Man was at a meeting and was not expected home until very late, so I had the entire night and couch to myself.

With a drink and a book, I headed toward the couch and snuggled into the welcoming cushions. I flipped on the TV and as we have for every evening in the past week, tuned in the Olympics. I'm never sure which event will be on each night, but I'm up for watching any of them, I love to hear the stories of the athletes, love to see the determination, love to see the triumph of lifetime goals attained.

This night would prove extra rewarding it seemed, as the women's all-around gymnastics was to be the sport for my viewing pleasure. As I watched the first young lady fly twisting and tumbling over the vault, I remembered watching Mary Lou Retton do the same thing when I was a young girl. I remembered the excitement of being glued to the TV beside my sisters, holding our collective breath as the pressure built until the final scores of the evening were tallied.

As I watched the second gymnast launch herself over the vault, a felt a sudden loneliness there on the couch and then a deep sense of urgency made my heart beat just a bit faster. Rising from my lonely perch, I tiptoed to the bottom of the stairs and whispered loudly, "Meg...Meg, come here."

"What Mom, is everything ok?"

"Yes, is Molly sleeping?"

"Yes," she said, peeking into Molly's room.

"Quietly get Kate and Cole and come down here."


The four of us hit the couch for the next few hours and enjoyed a steady diet of swimming and gymnastics. Finally, at 11:30 or so, I roused a sleeping Kate who hadn't quite been able to stay awake for the medal ceremony, and sent them all to bed again, this time grinning.

There were a few consequences resulting from our late night. The expected bleary-eyed children at the breakfast table and the, also expected, extra cups of coffee for the leader of the late night gang. The most amusing result of our Olympic experience was...

...this interesting wardrobe selection for scooter riding in the 90 degree summer heat!

and for bike riding...

(I hope she's not headed inside to change into her beach volleyball outfit!!)

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics!
We certainly plan to.


G'ma suz said...

You, bet'ya!! Good company always multiplies enjoyment. And gives you someone with which to discuss those "wonder" full uniforms or lack of. And a gasp over a fall or failed "stick" at the end expresses little compassion unless it is released in harmony. Wish I would be there to release some laughing (at proper moments, of course) too!! Love MOM . . good move Gretchen!!!

Sudeana said...

That Kate cracks me up!!! Wish I could pass on my Mary Lou outfit to her ;)

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