Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Serious "Con-ber-sation"

"Daddy, we need to have a con-ber-sation about life and things," said Molly, "let's go upstairs."

And up they went...

It depends on whom you ask, but the conversation seems to have taken the shape of a marriage proposal. Molly asked her Daddy to marry her. He said, "Yes," and then an excited Molly got busy making the wedding plans which she later announced...

The plans were simple and fairly straight forward.

"First we go shopping.

Then we buy the rings.

Then we buy our wedding clothes.

After that we'll go to Sonic and get slushies and tater tots.

Then we get married.

Then we go on a date to the bookstore to look at books!"

I think I see Happily Ever After in their future!

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