Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Little Girls Are For...

"Can I have a snack now mamma?"

"How 'bout some lunch?"

"How 'bout an orange?" Molly is crazy smitten with the little Clementine variety, leaving the larger ones to the rest of us with bigger appetites.

"Ok. How 'bout while I peel your orange, you run and grab my slippers? Deal?"

"Sure! That's what little girls are for!"


"Oh YES!" she yelled from down the hallway.

I took to her orange and listened to her run a circle from me to my bedroom and back. Then she began another lap..."Dad, can mamma use your slippers? I can't find hers."

"Yes," said the deepest voice.

"Come here mamma, lemme put 'em on you."

Faithful to my end of the bargain, I filled her bowl with the little orange...

...and watched as she ate with an enthusiasm that only a four-year-old can bring to a tiny orange. 

Then we visited across the bowl, she still glowing from her problem solving victory and I secretly thrilled that she's still young enough to enjoy a snack out of a whale-shaped bowl. 

We talked of princesses and of all things purple, of things present and of things pretend. 

And then the bowl was empty, and she was off to see what else the day had in store for her. 

I stayed behind in the kitchen, warm and toasty as much from the few moments I'd purchased with an orange as from the oversized slippers on my feet.

  That's what little girls are for she'd said so happily. 

I wonder...what else does she think little girls are for? 

Maybe I'll ask her while she eats tomorrow's orange. 


G'ma suz said...

Precious. Will gather in some clementines for next visit although much can be enjoyed over a cheesestick too. Love, Mom

Sudeana said...

When you are sharing that orange tomorrow will you please tell her I love her very much? (and her mommy too)

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