Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Historical

My Man, jokingly referred to on his day off as "The Principal", was suspicious recently when our son waltzed into the school room and announced that he was almost finished with his school work for the day...before lunchtime...way before lunchtime.


"If you are done with school so soon, your teacher needs to give you more work to do," said The Principal.

The real story was that Cole had finished a healthy portion of his daily work, but he still had a few hours left ahead of him. The problem was in the definition of the word ALMOST. The Principal understood ALMOST to mean "nearly totally done." My son meant it as "I've finished enough of my work to this point in the day so that if you'd like to take me to the gym with you when you go, I'll still be able to finish all of my work today."

{This small variation in definition of ALMOST was explained by The Teacher to both parties later on in the day.}

Feeling the need to be sure that his son was actually absorbing the history that he claimed he had read, my Man said, "Hand me that history book. What did you read about today? What did you learn?"

With a poorly disguised sigh, the history book was handed over. "I read about the beginning of the Mormon church and how they were persecuted."

"Ok, who was their founder?" asked the Principal whose eyes had taken on a bit of a sparkle at the mention of religious matters.


"What are some of the beliefs of the Mormons...what do they believe that is different from what we believe."

"That you can have more than one wife," answered my kiddo. "They also use the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible."

"You said they were persecuted, what happened after that?"

A spirited lecture sermon discussion of theology and history followed and Cole got to talk a little too (grin...). Finally, the Boy was determined to have passed his oral exam and was excused to get ready to go to the gym. There may or may not have been a little steam coming from his ears as he left the room.

In the meantime, Molly was finishing an early lunch and wanted to be excused from the table. "Mommmmmm, Daaaaaaaddddddd, can you come check on my soup (to see if she'd eaten enough of it)?"

Then...a voice, still smarting a little from the insult of the history pop quiz, answered..."Get ready Molly, they're probably gonna want to know what you LEARNED from your soup!!"


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