Thursday, June 12, 2014

All was Right in My World...and Then Some

My Man had been gone for what would eventually seem like eternity. 

I was feeling his absence and the kids were feeling it. The hiccups in our family rhythm caused by the void seemed to get more powerful and disrupting as the days wore on. "It was sorta fun and different when Dad first left," Meg observed, "but now the adventure of it all is over and I'm ready for him to be home."


It wasn't all gloom and grief though. This year, like last, those of us left behind knitted ourselves a little more tightly to one another and that renewed bond was balm to my heart which was at turns anxious and excited and blue and blessed. We shared news, laughter, an adventure or two, and most notably an evening of ice cream that we'd been looking forward to for nearly a year. 

And then we shared in the safe return of our loved ones who had accomplished so much on their journey. 

We packed them up into our cars and gathered them back into our homes and

all was once again right in our worlds...

...more than right really, for in the moments and days we were without our loved ones, they were affecting the worlds of others in such fashion that the millions of small ways that we missed them, now seem like a very small price to pay.  

Click {HERE} to view a 5 minute video of the 2014 Honduras Mission Team in action.

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