Monday, August 3, 2009

Nerves of Steel

She couldn't wait to get there. Certainly she was eager to see her dad cross the finish line of the 5k race that evening, but that was not the source of the urgency. She remembered that two years ago there had been clowns at the race who painted faces and she wanted her newly sun-freckled face decorated. Would those same clowns be there tonight? She had wondered aloud again and again. Happily, we found the clowns and Megan was able to get her face painted just before the starting shot of the race sounded.

Her daddy finished the race shaving 30 seconds off of his 2007 time.

Earlier in the day, Meg and her buddy Tanner rehearsed their duet which they would perform the next day during worship service. As far as I could tell, these two kids weren't a bit nervous about singing in front of over 150 onlookers. They were excited and had fun practicing "I Believe in Ever After". I was beginning to get nervous for them--it seemed like somebody should be.

As Sunday morning dawned, Meg seemed much less anxious about singing than she had about getting her face painted the night before. When we met up with Tanner in the sanctuary for one last run through, I finally found a nervous soul...Tanner's mom. Tanner, like Meg was as cool as a cucumber and as it turns out, they had no need to be even the least bit anxious. They did so wonderfully. I was so proud. It was a sweet day for my sweet gal.

And today...she rested.


aunt suz said...

I am soooo proud too. Meg your face made the painting look great. Proud of the shaver of seconds. I'm certain that Cole and Molly were among the best "cheerer-oners"
and some good video work Sunday. I burned a CD of the email you sent but cannot get it to play YET.
Congrats also to the blogger who makes it almost like being there. Love MOM

Eli's Lids said...

Now that is funny! I love the feet soaking in the pool. Add some epson salts for a revitilizing cleansing foot bath!!

Jana Vee said...

Wouldn't it be great to be as worry free as a child again? I wonder where all that fear comes from as we get older? Do you think children realize they can mess up but think of it as no big deal? When did we start taking things like this so serious? That's it, I've decided I want to be a child again. At least, until I get through my own solo performance at my church!!!!! LOL!!! As Paul Harvey would say ... "and, now you know the rest of the story" ... do you think all my questions give away my lack of confidence and rattled nerves?

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