Monday, January 4, 2010


I'm facing the computer now, but my ears are tuned in to another pursuit.  As I type, my Man is reading to the children about heaven for family devotions. 

"Family devotions" sounds so...holy, so sacred, so somber, so "don't-we-have-it-all-together?", so "reserved for the preachers family-ish"...doesn't it?  Well, please get that image out of your mind's eye.  It just doesn't happen that way here. 

As hard as we try, we often only take the time to "do devotions" once or twice a week.  Sometimes a week or two will go by between family devotions.  In the evenings, usually after supper and before he scoots back out for a meeting, my Man enters the room carrying a hymn book, a children's hymnal, and a devotional for kids.  What follows is, without a doubt, the loudest, most uproarious event in our day.

That the kids adore singing with their Dad is a testament to their measure of love for him.  Church members in many states can join me in affirmation as I tell you that my Man a joyful noise does make. 

I've never met another who so revels in singing praises to our King.  My Man sings from his heart, and with the strong voice of a preacher.  I love to watch him worship (but from a pew or two away is best), there is none more sincere.  He sings with the same vigor and volume in our kitchen with our junior choir as he does with the congregation on Sunday mornings and the children feel the need to match him decibel for decibel. 


Poor baby...


...she's sure that last song wasn't written in that key!

After the singing and the reading comes the praying.  Sometimes the kids each take a turn, sometimes everyone prays, sometimes it's just Daddy...praying for wisdom, praying blessings on his gang, praying God's protection on our lives.  It is a very special time for the Wright gang. 

Then the "Amen" sounds and we spend the rest of the evening in peace and harmony...doing chores, whistling while we work, in three part harmony of course...We smile warmly at one another, parents to children, brother to sisters, children to parents and go merrily off to bed to dream sweet dreams.  Oh yeah right...

When the "Amen" sounds we usually get right back to running and romping, refereeing a tiff or two or three while begging the children to get ready for bed, groaning about doing the dishes, rolling our eyes at one another, wondering what challenge and/or adventure tomorrow will know, like every other family in the land!


G'ma suz said...

the "pj frogs" actually look like they are reading the music and waiting for their turn to join in.
Love to the normal family . . .

Rick said...

Amen, Pastor.

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