Saturday, January 16, 2010


"These things come in threes you know," my Man said after I found my book last week. 

Interesting, thought I, and continued about my day.  The next evening, while baking a mammoth batch of cinnamon rolls, I found a strange looking little box tucked beside of my flour canister.  I thought that it must be a box of little candies that some kind soul had given one of the children and hoping it was full of chocolate, I opened the box with all haste.

What I found inside the rectangular box was a light green aluminium-ish cylinder with the year 1951 written on it as was the word "Retro".

Still firmly of the opinion that there was chocolate in that cylinder, I popped it open and tilted it so that its contents would fall into my hand.  I didn't hear the rattle of  candy coming down the chute, however.  What met my hand was heavy for its size and was wrapped in a black fuzzy sleeve.

My Man had appeared from around the corner and was watching me to see if I'd figured it all out yet.  After recovering from the thought that there would be no chocolate, it struck me what I was holding.  My Man had received a couple of very nice pens for Christmas and had been enjoying them so much that he wanted to include me.  Fun! 

This pen carries the name Tornado and my particular Tornado is magenta colored. Though, if you're interested, it comes in many other colors as well.


Kinda cheerful, aren't they?  They write well to boot! 

My Man is a bit of a pen FREAK and I was so honored to be included in the fervor.  I  think that it's a wise woman who joins her Man in his pursuits.  In so doing, she gets to share in the neat things, she has interesting non-parenting topics to talk about with her Man (even writing utensils can be interesting...if they come in lots of colors and perhaps if they are scented and play music), and maybe, just maybe it sends a message to her Man that the wise woman still finds him terribly interesting. 

Thanks dear Man.  Thanks for knowing that I'd get a kick out of a fine pen in a fancy color.  Thanks for wanting to include me in the "good thing" you were yourself, enjoying.  Thanks for the lesson I learned in the process which is spelled out so whimsically on the box...

Don't you  just love a company with a sense of humor? 

Wonder what the third surprise will be...


Julia Feitner said...

I LOVE it!!! "Unexpected acts of kindness" is definitely one of my biggest love languages! :)

Lori said...

Dare I say it???? Is he becoming ... spontaneous????? Great job Darrin!! Break outta that shell. Nice he will preach a sermon without a suit and tie on Sunday morning ... better not push it! LOL

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