Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!

The predictions of the amount of snow to come and of the speed with which it was to fall sent rivers of excitement through this household.  If one were to believe the weather reports of the local newscasters and take any heed at all to what the man at the convenient store reported, up to eight inches of snow in the next day and a half was to be expected.  I half expected to feel a literal thump as the inches fell to the ground all at once, as was predicted.   

Though no thump was felt, snow did begin to fall mid-afternoon and accumulated at about a half an inch per hour.  On went the boots, out came the sled, and over came the neighbor's child who had the day off from school and had been waiting for The Wright Academy to dismiss for the day so that snow-mates would be available.

Behold! The Wright Family Sled, purchased our first winter here in the "frozen tundra".

But look...

...the neighbor's sled.  It was a thing of beauty.

Look at 'em go.

But ours has this nifty string...

Useful for steering and pulling,

...and pulling...

...and spilling,

and spilling.

Hot chocolate was delivered to warm their insides, but their outsides...well, it was just plain cold.

It was even cold for the spectators.

It was necessary to leave the window opened so that the big kids could hear Molly "bossing" them.  She called to them constantly as they slid down the hill toward her vantage point.  She remained there for much longer than I'd imagined she would.  Even as her cheeks and hands began to turn rosy with cold, Molly refused to be distracted.  So...

If you can't join 'em...dress like 'em.

Happy Snow Day Everyone!


Sudeana said...

Oh, I want to come play in the snow... correction, I want to come drink hot chocolate and visit while the kids play in the snow :)

G'ma suz said...

Put another cup on the table for me! But I will play with the others as well - I will cover my coiffer with my new tobogan (for more reasons than cold) procure my gloves taking my place beside Molly in the cheering section!!
Love, Gma Super pictures

Anonymous said...

Me too.....Make lots of hot chocolate...but I'm with Molly.;-)Janet

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