Friday, January 22, 2010

Whisked Away

I've been whisked away for a few days by my Man.  I'm in a lovely hotel room with my books, my computer, the remote control, and a complete season of one of my favorite television shows.  My Man is a few blocks away at a conference, listening to a favorite speaker from the west coast. 

As we traveled to our destination, (after making a rather large deposit at Camp Grandma) I commented that I could feel my mind "unwrinkling" a bit.  When this wonderfully crazy life overloads my circuits, my brain begins to feel much like a tightly crumpled up piece of discarded notebook paper.  The crinkled wad does not function well as a brain and therefore, I am thankful for the opportunity to iron out my "processor" a bit this weekend!

The children, it seems, were feeling a bit wadded as well, and were only too eager to shoo us off so that they could begin their "festival of joy" at our departure.  

So, this weekend, we invest in the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" account, and will enjoy the dividends as we dive back into real life on Monday!


G'ma suz said...

Hi Mom I noticed your post was shorter than usual. I think your having too much fun.

Love Cole

Gretchen said...

Dear Son,
I am indeed having loads of fun. Probably not as much fun as you are at Grandma's. Don't get too carried away, I SHALL RETURN!!!
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I notice you have the book, "The Help". I read it and thought it was very good. It was voted book of the year. Enjoy!

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