Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's WEEK

I've changed Father's Day to Father's Week here at the Wright Place for the simple reason that I didn't get a Father's Day post published on Sunday.  Instead, I spent time with the Father of my kiddos.  The day before Father's Day was spent with both of our fathers on the ball field watching a Little League game and sweating.  Sweat and baseball, I can't think of a more fitting way to spend Father's Day weekend.

It seems that every year by the time Father's Day arrives, summer is at a fevered pitch and the celebrating of my Man as a father is given, at most, a passing nod.  He deserves better.  He's a great Daddy.  I've loved him for what seems like forever, but on the day my Man became a Father, my love for him deepened exponentially.  To see a man, my Man, "doing the dad things" was to see him truly in his element.  On that day...
...this day...
my Man began taking care of our family and he has been doing so for over a decade now.  I am all the crazier about him as I have watched him grow as a Daddy. 
 As the years have gone by, my Man wasn't the only thing growing.  Our family, of course has grown a bit too, and each time I see this...

(Darrin dressing Megan in the first outfit he had ever purchased for her.)
...my heart beats a few beats fonder.

As babies number three and four joined us, his experience as a dad only made him more fun to watch.  He was an "old hand" at C-sections and was the first of us to hold each scrunched-up, gooey little life.
Hello Kate!

Molly weighing in!

What's wonderful is that when we got home from the hospital each time, Darrin worked just as hard as I did taking care of our family--most times, harder.  He didn't just leave it all to me, thank goodness! 



"A woman can tell a lot about a guy by the kind of dad he is.  When I see you being a parent, many of the things I appreciate most about you...your patience, your kindness, your fun sense of humor...show up so clearly.  You obviously love being a dad, and I love that about you.  You are a wonderful man and an amazing father who really deserves this day week..."
~Quoted from my Man's Father's Day card~

We all love you so!


Sudeana said...

Sweet!! What a beautiful tribute to a great dad!!

G'ma suz said...

Very moving. . . producing a few tears as I read (but not as many as TOY STORY). All that and he is getting more handsome as the years fly by. I will never forget watching as GOD seemed to place a "cloak of responsibility" tightly wrapping it around Darrin as you both were making a decision about a shot the Cole was to get as a newborn. Needless to say it has never left him for a minute and changed him forever. Love to you both MOM

Lori said...

as the family grows the hair fades. Is there a connection?

Gretchen said...

A connection? Definitely!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well said! So sweet to see. He does all that and is a great Pastor too. For that we are thankful.

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