Friday, June 25, 2010

Summertime Promises

Summer.  For some, the arrival of summer means the relaxing of schedules, the easing of commitments, the slowing down-if only a little- of the regular pace of life.  Our family activity level does just the opposite.  As the sun begins to shine its summer rays on us, baseball is still in full swing, swimming lessons have begun, an exciting family wedding is on the horizon, my bible school preparations are should be in progress and...I'll stop there.

Each of us who can read has a pile of books waiting for our attention and we've signed up for reading programs at no fewer than three bookstores and one library.  Two of us have blogs that need tending and two of us have learned to Tweet on Twitter!  Theater camp, basketball camp, vacation bible school, softball camp, zoo camp, and football practice await us in the coming weeks.

As the sand left in my hour glass is emptying and my laundry basket is terribly full, I'm signing off early with promises of blogs to come.  Blogs about:
  • the "jungle" project (alternatively titled Poison Ivy Anyone?) 
  • a boy learning responsibility for living things in his care
  • lessons on a scooter
  • introductions to dear friends
  • a recipe for a classic
  • disassembling a sentimental piece of furniture
  • a sentimental movie
  • baseball championship highlights
  • a man, a fridge and a plan
Thanks for checking in on us!!  Have a super summer weekend!

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Sudeana said...

Girl, you all are going to need to take the fall off to recover from summer before you can start school! Are you sure you want to add one more to the mix for a week?

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