Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On Vacation I Promise...

Children, before we get into the van please gather round and raise your right hands.

Now, repeat after me:

I promise...
...to sleep at least a little bit in the car on the way. This shouldn't be too difficult seeing as you were all too excited to sleep last night.

...not to complain about being bored on the long care ride. Our family van has more entertainment features than the homes where Mommy and Daddy grew up.

...not to throw-up in the car. It's just not cool.

...to make use of the available facilities
when they are available, not 5 minutes after they were available.

...to keep Molly supplied with pacifiers (implements of joy) while in the van AT ALL TIMES.
 This is the sworn duty of the sibling in the seat nearest to Molly. Do your family proud!

...while in the car I will not invade the space of my sibling. As our travels progress and we grow a bit weary, it will be advisable to refrain from even looking in one another's direction.

...when it is Mommy's turn to drive not to pretend to be frightened. This is silly. Mommy is a good driver. You are safe.

...not to ask "are we there yet?" 462 times in the first hour of the trip. This will not cause the time to pass more quickly.  Quite the opposite!  Your pilot will do his best to keep you informed of our hourly progress.  If you need information more often, please refer to Jane (that's what we've named our GPS lady. It seemed like anyone who talked more in the car than the kids deserved a name), who will tell you the estimated time of arrival at our "DESTINATION"!  Jane always sounds so proud of us when we ARRIVE.

...not to complain about sunscreen or sunSCREAM as you  call it. Your father and I understand that it is ooey and sticky and that it takes what seems like an eternity to apply. Your father and I also know how painful a sunburn is, as much of our childhood days occurred before sunscreen was invented. You will wear the sunscreen!

...not to make any comments about how Mommy looks in her swimsuit. I am traumatized enough already.

(No picture here...you are indeed welcome! :-)

...understand that there absolutely WILL be spashing at the pool. Be forewarned, I am powerless to make Daddy stop.

...to go willingly to the beach to play in the sand with Daddy-no matter how much you'd rather be in the lazy river at the hotel. We know YOU prefer the pool. Daddy, however,  prefers the beach. He loves to catch a wave or two on the boogie board and build sandcastles with you. Enjoy it. Soon he will be to old to play this way.

...to go with the flow.

...to have a great time.

...to know how much your parents love you and cherish spending this time away with you (before you go and get all grown up and have limited space in your own family van and are unable to take us with you and your family on vacation no matter how good we promise to behave!).

Do you promise??
Alrighty then...let's go!


Sudeana said...

what a blast! glad you are having fun and all survived the travel to your destination (and the waffle machine:)

Becky said...

Good start to a great vacation. May the next waffle machine be operated by someone in an unseen room and allow someone else to bring it to you. Your on vacation, you shouldn't have to cook :)

Anonymous said...

You've really captured the Great American Vacation! So true and so fun!!! I loved reading it.
We all miss you here. Keep having fun and we will see you... not soon enough, for my crew :)

G'ma suz said...

Sounds great, looks great. . .kick some sand for me...pictures are great but. . .whose grown up kids did you take along. Enjoy every second. Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

So glad you are having a good time, but as Dawn says, we miss you.
You all deserve a break! Enjoy!
Love to all, Janet

Frank said...

It looks wonderful...the ocean, the sand, that lazy river...Sounds like and looks like everyone is loving vacation! We miss you all...enjoy your precious time just being together!

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