Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Wright Place-Unplugged

Yesterday our power went out.  Yesterday our power was out for about 5 hours.  Yesterday was one of THE BEST days.  Really.  Except that I didn't get a shower and do my hair before the power went out.  Otherwise, things worked out beautifully.

Yesterday, the first day of our summer that didn't involve us being "on vacation", was our first normal day of summer.  We said good-bye to Daddy as he returned to the office and said HELLO to the softer side of our summer.  And then the power went out.

When the power goes out, the washer and dryer are also out of business--bummer.  The microwave goes on strike too and takes the oven and stove with it--all's the pity.  The telephones do not DO power outages, neither does the internet router--boohoo.  My cell phone was on its last wisp of battery life and was of little use as well--oops.  The television was just an empty black square on the mantle...staring at us unblinkingly.

A tree was down on a line and twenty homes on our "circuit" were without electricity.  I don't know who or what caused that tree to tumble, but I'd like to thank 'em.  I can't remember when the children have played so well...TOGETHER.  There were the usual spats and squabbles, but with little alternative activity available, they found common ground soon enough.  After a lengthly stay in the stuffy upstairs, I heard the troops marching down.  Moments later they had not sought me out in the kitchen, so I peeked in on them.

I was thrilled to see toys without cords or battery chargers scattered throughout the living room.  I was delighted to hear giggling that did not involve a tween focused TV show or America's Funniest Home Videos.  I was also very excited that my camera battery promised more life than my cell phone battery which meant that I could "play" too.
I was the war correspondent in Battle NERF!

That's a lot of fire power.  What must the enemy look like?

She looks vicious but outnumbered, until...

...backup arrives! 
Backup takes her job seriously.

Suction-cup-tipped darts fly.  

The opposition has decided to bring in the big guns. 

That is the Vulcan EBF 25.  It thinks it's a Gatling gun and shoots 3 darts per second.

It's no match for the other side's secret weapon...

She does permanent damage and can consume about three darts per minute!
However, she requires significant amounts of recharging!

Power has since been restored to our home but we're still picking darts out of the curtains
...and the bookshelves
...and the couch cushions
...and the fire place
...and Molly's teeth!

Each dart found today reminds us of the fun from the day before!
The day the lights went out!

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