Monday, August 16, 2010


As Molly approaches her second birthday a cute little backwards phrase has entered her vocabulary.  "All-My-Byself" peppers nearly every sentence our little girl utters.  Her independent spirit, like that of her siblings at the same age and stage, has gotten her into a scrape or two.
I can get into Mommy's make-up "all-my-byself".

I can drink Kate's milk "all-my-byself".

On a steamy day in August, I can get ready to go "all-my-byself".

I can inch my way down the slip 'n slide "all-my-byself".

I can sneak a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie "all-my-byself".

I can put on Cole's shoulder pads (but thankfully not make it down the stairs) "all-my-byself"!

All of this newly displayed independence is as difficult to keep up with as it is contagious.  I am finding that I too, want to do more than a few things "all-my-byself".  Things like eat a huge bowl of ice cream, go to the potty, take a nap, make a telephone call, and if no one is looking, I'd like to try out Cole's shoulder pads too!


Sudeana said...

amen X 4 and i bet i know what you are doing at this midnight hour - don't forget to clean off that black stuff they put under their eyes- that could be a dead give away :)

Gretchen said...

Haaaaaa! You caught me! (snicker)

G'ma suz said...

That is too cute. You didn't have a saying for it but you certainly did it . . all-you-byself.
Perhaps Cole could take some of those good looking chocolate chip cookies to the game and trade them for the football, eliminating the need for all the padding and hitting and stuff. And he could make the touchdown "all-him-byself"(just thought I'd put that out there). Love MOM

Becky said...

I so remember this stage of both my boys. Matt's phrase was "byself" as well. I think Mikey was "me do" with emphasis!

Don't blink, pretty soon she will be driving "all my byself". Then she will need those shoulder pads!

Anonymous said...

Made us all chuckle, and some of us actually belly laughed at Molly's last picture!

Dawn and crew

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