Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twenty-Nine Hours

Twenty-nine hours.

My Grandma would say that I could stand on my head that long.  She says that when she hears me complaining about how long something is taking, has taken, or is going to take. Twenty-nine hours is how long the power to our home has been out from yesterday's "severe weather event".  I know this because the clock in my kitchen that I consult no fewer than six hundred, forty-two times a day, has mocked me today as it remained firmly fixed at 4:15.

Yes, I could probably stand on my head for twenty-nine hours, but I haven't been standing on my head.  I've been fixing meals on a gas grill in very humid conditions, keeping a Mickey-Mouse-addicted-almost-two-year-old from getting the shakes from TV withdraw, taking an anxious five-year-old to the doctor for booster shots, finding a non-electric piano for a ten-year-old's practice, taking an eager eleven-year-old to the doctor for his (hear a lowered tough guy voice) Football Physical, and roaming a church in the early morning hours looking for a place to plug in a curling iron that is remotely in the vicinity of a mirror (which, is of course in the men's bathroom?!?).

I've called the power company 367 a few times during these twenty-nine hours and the automated phone lady and I are getting quite cozy.  She is a sturdy rock in my current storm.  She's there every single time I call.  She asks me the same questions, I give her the same answers.  She has an issue or two with me, however.  She thinks I'm too needy, calling her all the time like I do and she feels that I have trust issues because though she keeps informing me that my power will be restored by midnight on Saturday, I simply refuse to believe her.  

Perhaps that is why when I called this evening, a male voice was there to take my call.  This guy, calmly and in a very level tone, informed me that it would not be Saturday at midnight when my power would return.  It would instead be midnight on Sunday, and then he said, "Thank you for calling."  To which I thought, "Sure, no problem, I've got nothing else to do!! I just paused on my way to find a rock with which I am preparing to wash the laundry." (Because don't we all know that my laundry was a wee piled up before the power went off, and soon, well, it's gonna get ugly!)

So here I sit in the dark whining over a "hijacked" internet signal on a computer whose battery life is slowly ebbing, and I realize that even the most privileged among us have a bad day or two...or three...

I also know that things usually look better...
...after a nice long NAP! to bed I go!

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