Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Birthday Finale

Birthday season begins at The Wright Place with Kate's big day in March and continues on until the very last few days in August when we celebrate Molly's.  We celebrated Molly's second birthday as we do each and every single birthday, cake and ice cream for breakfast in PJs!  Last year we celebrated Molly's first birthday at the beach...
This year, we celebrated at home...

2010...some things just don't change!!

Molly enjoys watching "Mouse" on TV each morning as she "vakes up," so we invited Mickey and Minnie to celebrate with us this year.

Our gal loved her cake and ice cream almost as much as she enjoyed being sung to.  Molly has listened to and eventually joined in to each "Happy Birthday" song in honor of each member of our family this spring and summer and, well, she felt a certain sense of entitlement.  IT WAS FINALLY HER TURN.  On her Birthday Eve, she couldn't sleep and told her daddy, "I want my Happy DAY!" Happy Day is what she calls the "birthday song" and the next morning she informed us as she joined us in our bed, "It's my Happy Day!"  
Oh and did we sing!  We really let it sound from the rooftops and she just soaked it all in.  The song, hers after all these months of watching others in the spotlight, the cake with her favorite character, the gifts, 

(Minnie Mouse pink purse with white polka dots, I'm gonna see if I can borrow it!)

...and the balloons!
We could have saved our time and efforts on the birthday gifts.  The balloons were all she cared about for most of the day...
...the balloons and the Birthday Song, which she insisted that we gather round and sing to her each time someone wanted a piece of cake.  By the end of the weekend we had, as a group performed several renditions of her favorite song.  When her Grandma called and spoke to her the day after her birthday she said, "Gmawwww, sing Happy Day to ME." So, though Grandma had sung to her the day before, (as had Pappa, Mamma, Aunt Becky...I could go on and on) she sang again for all she was worth to which Molly said, "Try 'gain Gmawww." And on and on it went!  
I guess that's what we get for subjecting a two-year-old to five breakfast birthday parties before getting around to celebrating hers!  
Because really, isn't it all about her anyway??

This new two-year-old certainly thinks so!

"...Happy Birth-day toooooooooo YYYOOOOUUUUU!"


Lori said...

awesome! What a cutie! can you even IMAGINE life without her??

Gretchen said...

I absolutely cannot imagine life without her. She makes us grin hourly! Right after we've cleaned up her latest "Sharpie" marker attack! She's much like Zorro, leaving her mark on our hearts and our furniture!

Janet said...

Can't wait until she comes to leave her little fingerprints on my windows and doors again. We look at them and smile. I'm doing much better already so it won't be long until we will be calling for her to visit. She's so much fun! Looks like a special birthday for Molly.
Love to you all!

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