Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daddy's Home!

Since her Daddy has been on sabbatical, Kate has assumed the roll of his "little Buddy." Most of the time, when my Man leaves the house, my Kate is riding shot gun.  It doesn't matter if the destination is McDonald's for sweet tea, the coffee shop to get Mommy some coffee, the book store or the gas station, Kate is always eager to ride along with her Daddy.  When Daddy left for a few days to go to Washington D.C. Kate was lost without him.  It was pitiful.

Kate was so pitiful that her brother, who usually plays the role of "Chief Agitator" in her life, showed a bit of compassion.  Cole is an "Xer", a record keeper, an organizer of thoughts and facts and figures.  Each night before going to bed, he marks the day that has just expired on his NY Giants football calendar with a blue "X".  Rarely is anything else recorded on that calendar. After hearing Kate ask hourly, "How many days until Daddy gets home?", he took matters into his own hands.
"Come here," he told her at bedtime, and then showed her how to "X-off" each day until Daddy returned.  Each night, Cole let Kate put her "X" on his calendar.  

Finally, FINALLY the day arrived and Daddy walked through the door...

...and was attacked by women before he could get both shoes off.
She met him in the basement...

...and continued the celebration upstairs.

(Welcome Home sign by Megan)

Later that evening, Cole and I went to football practice (they are considering me for place kicker!) and when we returned, the girls were still basking in "Daddyness" (and he in "little girl-land").

They were making Chicken "Palatta" Kate reported.

They cooked with Daddy until bedtime and he tucked them in for the first time in 32 5 days, and all was right in the world. Until Molly woke up four times throughout the night to make sure Daddy was still at home. Never one to take things for granted, she also awoke verrrrry early the next morning and arrived in our bedroom to make sure Daddy hadn't gone anywhere.  She soon discovered that she wasn't the only one who wanted to make sure Daddy had stayed put...

...Kate had been with us since 2:30 am!

"Daddy, I'm not ever letting you leave again!" Kate announced. 

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G'ma suz said...

Too precious. Or two precious. glad all are together again. Eat your heart out Bobby Flay. Love, MOM

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