Thursday, September 9, 2010

Travels with Gretchen

I've been whisked away.  Well, not whisked exactly.  More like "MiniVan-ed" away.  However, all of the back seats in the minivan were empty so it might as well have been a sporty little two-seater.  Except that all of our books wouldn't have fit in a sports car. A sports car wouldn't have fit in where we are anyway.
The view from the balcony...
...which is through... 
...these doors which are the first things you see when you enter...

...this room.
(I just love hotel room tours, don't you? Just call me Samantha Brown.)
I'm sitting on this couch right now watching football with my Man!

Cheerful quilt, don't you think?  Huge!  The irony of a king size bed is never lost on me.  We always request a king size bed when we travel without the children and when we travel with them we get two doubles (and a couch bed and a travel crib...).  What we should do is request a king when we travel with the kids.  They all end up in bed with us by morning, that way, at least we we'd all fit!

This comfy chair is my favorite thing about this room...

...almost my favorite thing that is :-)

Actual words on the hotel sign. They speak the truth.

The educator in me wants to bring the children here...someday in the future.  At that time, I'll have to banish all thoughts of traveling in a cute little sports car.  

We'll need something more like this... AMISH MINIVAN!  Who knew? 
Made me miss my kiddos
(a smidge).


G'ma suz said...

Some of your missing back seaters (the ones hitching their bridles to our post) are asleep. Thought the little one was asleep about a half hour after she hit the mattress at 7:45 but then I heard the announcement thru the monitor (should be called a MOMitor)that the movie was over!! Meg did very well with school today and we got in a couple of facials. . .oatmeal and yogurt and baking soda involved. Great day. Love, Mom
Enjoy your quiet. . while I'm loving your "noise".

Sudeana said...

It looks like the horse has his own parasol (?sp- fancy umbrella)
Have a blast and soak in every minute!!

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