Friday, September 17, 2010

Travel Tally

We're home again.  The children are all collected and tucked into their own beds all under one roof.  I thought it would be prudent to review some highlights of our getaway for posterity.

Meal at the best restaurant E-V-E-R: $32.00

Peaceful place for our retreat: $??.?? 
(I have no idea! My man took care of this one.)

Excellent meal #2! $28.00

Cozy cup of coffee before church: $2.00

Raspberry and Sweet Cream Frozen custard in waffle cones for two: $4.80

A peek into another culture: FREE

Scrumptious meal #3! $30.00
Pie anyone??

A plump pumpkin for the kids: $4.95

Our "Farewell Meal" $32.00

Apples for pie: $5.00

My mother potty-training Molly while we were away...


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G'ma suz said...

As Molly would say,"ANEM".
Love, MOM

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