Monday, November 22, 2010

Molly Did What???

My father-in-law came to our house today to fix us up a bit.  He arrived at 8 am with a box full of McHappy's Donuts and bundles of energy and know-how and proceeded to:

  • fix the upstairs toilet
  • fix a leaky basement sink
  • install a new faucet on another sink
  • supervise bath tub re-caulking
  • supervise grout application
  • fix a slow-drain in the kitchen sink
  • clean gutters
  • rake leaves
  • re-anchor the dishwasher
  • puddy cracks in walls
  • reseal shower tile and
  • patch a troublesome area on the roof
 As this fix-it super hero was leaving for home, I heard him tell my Man, "Well, I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but I'll be back sometime."  I'm not sure what else he could have accomplished, but next time he comes up, I'm considering handing him all of my undone cross stitch projects to see how fast he can get 'em all done.

While my father-in-law and his apprentice were accomplishing the vast list above, the kids were enjoying a half-day off from school and were playing with a playmate of Molly's who'd come to visit for a little while this morning.

Suddenly, I heard a rush of children moving in my direction shouting..."Molly pulled a piece of Kate's tooth out!! Molly pulled Kate's tooth out!! Moooooommmmmmmm!!!!!" I met them in the hallway and sorted a wailing Kate from the pack.

"Molly did what?"
"Sssshhhheee pulled a piece of my loose toooooooth ouuuuuuuutttttttt."
"Just a piece? Let me see."

As she cried I could see lots of blood and one less tooth.  She clutched the tiny baby tooth tightly in her hand and fought to keep her jaw clinched in just the same fashion. Seeing I wasn't going to get any further details, I turned to Meg and asked,

"Did she say that Molly pulled her tooth?"
"With a string."

I paused to imagine Molly holding a struggling Kate down long enough to tie a string around the teensie little tooth. Can't you hear it? "Hold thhhtill Katie, I can't tie thith whittle yo mouff bigga."

After confirming that Kate's entire tooth had made a clean exit from her gums I questioned Meg a bit further, "How did Molly get a string around Kate's loose tooth?"
"Ooooooh," said Meg finally understanding my confusion, "Kate put one of those plastic strings that we make necklaces with around her tooth and Molly wanted the string, so she grabbed at it and out came Kate's tooth."

Kate, whose tooth I had just given a healthy wiggle an hour before, had decided to pull her OWN tooth.  She either teased Molly with the string hanging from her lips or Molly was in the right place at the wrong time.  Either way, Molly landed a lucky grab and scored Kate's first lost, or would that be kidnapped, tooth.  I'm pretty sure Molly was framed.

So, to wrap up today, The Wright Place is without:

  • a leaky faucet
  • a slow draining kitchen sink
  • cracks in plaster
  • sinks that leak
  • a dishwasher on the move
  • a drippy toilet
  • overflowing gutters
  • AND...

...Kate's tooth.

Definitely one for the baby book, that is if Kate had a baby book, but being child #3, we all know that she does not.


G'ma suz said...

What a perfect little jaw line. I thinking this incident just cleared the future of 5 dental professionals around 2029. Hope little Daniel recovers. He'll be dong he 5's and cartwheels when the new baby comes and no one will understand why. Love to all the fun..Mom

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh so hard! HAHA! I love it! And by the way... if your father-in-law is ever up for visiting us -- we've got lots of little projects to keep him busy! :)

Deborah Ware said...

BTW - the anonymous post is me... it wouldn't let me post a name!

Janet said...

That Mollie has all kinds of little tricks up her sleeve. Watch your sugar, makeup, toilet paper and now even your
teeth.;-) Gotta love her! Miss the little darling.

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