Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When it gets quiet...

Quiet though blissful, is usually a bad sign.  The trouble with quiet is that by the time it has descended upon your formerly ringing ears, it's too late.  Just as you relax into the peace of the quiet it dawns on you that trouble is bound to meet you around the next corner because when it gets quiet...
she's looking for a make-over.

Sometimes when it gets quiet...
...she's found a partner in crime.

Other times silence brings...
  behind a closed doors,
 "What's in your mouth, young lady?"
...GUM and lots of it.

Then there are times of quiet that seem to be...
devotional time with friends.

There is always the quiet CLASSIC...
the hunt for lipstick...this time with a bonus:

 a Dum-Dum sucker.  Pretty huh?

Sometimes, quiet means concentrated effort at one's studies...

other times, it doesn't!
(There is a china cabinet in our home that suffered the same fate during a quiet moment.)

Quiet moments equal trouble.  Simple as that.  Times exist however, that make even those doom filled silences seem blissful...

The moment I posted the blog entry this morning, I checked on Molly who was happily watching TV, and decided to take a quick shower.  When I stepped from the shower Kate thrust her completed worksheets into my wet hands and announced, "I'm done, and Molly's in the sugar again." This is Destructo's latest "quiet project".  She's honed it well: climb onto counter, commandeer sugar bowl, lick entire hand, dip into sugar bowl to coat hand with sugar, lick sugar off of hand, repeat until discovered.

(Do you think she's confused by my fussing at her and taking her picture simultaneously?) 
Looks like it's gonna be another one of those days!

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