Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day Delights

Christmas morning began here later than one would imagine in a home filled to bursting with children. Though we began a little earlier than last year, it was approaching 9 a.m. when Kate awoke and the festivities finally got underway.  First, my Man, as is his fashion, called children to gather on the couch for the Christmas morning reading of the account of the birth of Baby Jesus.

After the Christmas Story, each of us was handed a piece of the Nativity set and my Man asked us to imagine what we might have been thinking and feeling on Christmas day from the perspective of the character we held in our hands.  

A prayer of thanksgiving for God's most Precious Gift was given, 

...and then things got a bit noisy, and a bit messy, and a whole lotta crazy!

Each child received a fleece pull over...

Each received a surprise or two...
Don't you just love it when they begin to swallow their own faces in surprise?

(turn up volume)

Of course, everyone got a BOOK...

...including my Man, whom I surprised with a title he hadn't heard of,
 but which has received rave reviews in both Christian and secular circles.
 (Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuit).

Everyone enjoyed a gift that was particularly suited to their individual speciality...

After the wrapping paper was cleared, we all enjoyed a late breakfast of belgian waffles made on my new waffle maker!  The kids and their Dad spent the day inaugurating new toys and games.  After Christmas dinner, we jumped in the van...
 and enjoyed the display of Christmas lights nearby.

We hope YOUR Christmas 
was merry and bright!

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