Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Pictures

It begins in November, the gentle anxious feeling that takes up residence in the depths of my psyche.  That gentle anxious feeling whispers "time to start thinking about the picture for your Christmas cards."  In November, I carelessly brush the idea aside and soldier on through Thanksgiving with the thoughts of all of the pictures I've snapped of the children all year long.  My logic says that surely there exists among the hundreds and hundreds of pictures, at least one picture of the children together smiling happily in the same location at the same time.  Therefore, even if I'm unsuccessful in my plans to dress the kids attractively in red and green and maybe a bit of sparkle, position them to highlight each of their most winsome attributes, provide ideal lighting, and convince them to smile at me naturally thirty or forty times, I should still possess a "back up picture" from a cherished family event that will more than sufficiently represent our gang to friends and family all over the country on our Christmas card.

Last year, I avoided the photo session altogether out of respect for the episode from the year before where chaos reigned supreme and included a screaming three month old, adorable red velvet dresses with Santa fluff, a bloody nose, and I think I recall a teetering Christmas tree as well.

This year, Christmas outfits have been waiting in the wings for weeks, and I had grand plans.  However, Megan was out of town last week and Molly is currently snowed in at my Mom & Dad's under about 16 inches of snow, so no photo shoot this year either.  Honestly, I am a bit relieved because there is no way that any picture I could take would live up to the expectations I have created in my mind.

Enter "the backup picture" plucked with a grin from this year's vast and varied adventures.  Except...I discovered a small glich in my logic...

"Hey Molly, look at Mommy....pleaaassseeee...hurry, we're late for Sunday School...again."

Mother's Day.
"Molly, less...less gums?"

"Molly, are you hurt? Secret baby hog calling contest? Fire?"

Family wedding rehearsal dinner in one of the most beautiful settings in our state.
"Molly, how do you really feel about having your picture taken?"

After a daring rescue from a church nursery...
"Aww c'mon Molly, I didn't mean to leave you stranded in that nursery, sit up and smile at Mommy."

"Molly...Mollyyyyyyy...Oh, never mind!"

Field trip to a WWII aircraft carrier.
"Molly.  It wasn't that funny."

The day before Election Day.
"Molly, turn the flag so we can see your face. Molly, we want more than the bow in this shot. Molly! This is to honor your country, shape up young lady!"

One would think that any woman crazed enough to take pictures to commemorate Election Eve, would have in her "war chest" an acceptable picture. Unfortunately it turns out that Molly takes great exception to sharing the frame with her siblings. I've got dozens of super pictures of her solo, but very few of her cooperating with the group photo efforts this year.  As a result, I many people will notice if I use a picture from last year when Molly was still young enough to be "contained"?

Here's to living in the past!

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Lori said...

Oh too funny!! Every family needs a character .. how did you get 2???? Love you my friend!

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