Monday, December 20, 2010

This Can't Be Good

Just poppin' my head up above the wrapping paper for a quick "Hello!" Molly has been fighting a rotten cold, and losing since Thursday.
After keeping us up most of the night with a high fever, she seems to be showing signs of getting better today.  While the rest of the PKs (Preacher's Kids) were at church with their father today, Molly and I snuggled in tight so as not to infect our friends in the nursery.

I spent lots of time wrapping packages and Molly quietly watched her favorite shows.  At times, it got way too quiet so I made a habit of checking on her periodically.  Once, I found her perusing her viewing options...

While helping her select her next movie, I noticed THIS...

and THIS can't be good! 
She was seeking her favorite ornament that one of her siblings had placed very high up on the tree out of her reach.  Molly believes that most of life'e little problems can be solved with a stool.  It's a theory she's held for quite a while now.

If exploring the Christmas tree weren't sign enough of Molly's recovery, this video is definitely is. (Please ignore the odd voice from behind the curtain...)
 Just a bit later, Molly went down for a SEVEN hour nap and which seems to have served to further her recovery! Look out world.

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Sudeana said...

So good to see she is up and shaking!!

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