Monday, December 13, 2010

Doodle All the Day

It's mid-December which means that here at The Wright Place, we're neck deep in Snickerdoodles (click here for recipe).  I think we've made about 280 cookies to date and we've about that many more to go!  While all of us are involved in the process, I've noticed that this year Kate has become the Cookie Roller Extraordinaire...see for yourself!

You've really gotta be very vigilant with these little pieces of brightly colored yum.  
If your not careful, they'll take over your kitchen (and your thighs) ! 


G'ma suz said...

Is it any wonder your favorite pattern for numerous items: material, covers for some of your equipment, glass case, make-up bag, drinking glasses etc. . is pok-a-dots. At first glance i just assumed you had "redected" your kitchen in your fav pattern. Love the blurry pict of Kate's hand. Love the taste of all the hard work. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

My grandma loved the cookies, and the Cookie Roller Extraordinaire who gave them to her. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

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