Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally Six...The Finale!

Kate's birthday turned in to a virtual marathon of celebration. After spending a few hours at Chuck E. Cheese, the Wright Gang headed to the nearby Sonic to take advantage of their half-price slushies during  Happy Hour! 

After sluprin' our slushies, we headed to our "mother ship"... that Kate could do some birthday shopping with her gift card. 
This particular Barnes & Noble has the most magnificent toy and game section.

While Miss Birthday was making her selection...

Mr. & Miss "Not My Birthday" relaxed in the sunny window seat in the children's area.

Kate soon followed and wilted a bit while listening to a pirate adventure.

After THAT...we headed to the next stop for Kate to spend her last gift card...

The monkey receiving the vigorous scrub down was soon to be named "Lauren" and quickly became the proud new owner of...
...quite a lot of pink. 
Ball gown, ear rings bows, & hair band you name it,
 if it was pink, this monkey was exposed to it!

As the hours ticked quickly b,y Kate's birthday adventure was coming to an end.  When we arrived home, however, there was one last surprise waiting for Kate on the front porch placed there by a precious friend...

 What a perfect ending to a super Birthday!

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. 
- Dr Seuss

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Tiffany said...

Check out the BArnes & Noble store that Eric and I visited in Baltimore.....your family might start planning a trip! ;)

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