Saturday, March 12, 2011

To Brighten Your Weekend...

It was a Friday night and we needed a flower for a hat. Well, not exactly a hat. It was a hat card that Meg was making that caused us to be in need of the flower.  Our craft supplies were limited at best, but we did have a few pipe-cleaners.

After a Google search on how to make pipe-cleaner flowers, Meg was rewarded with an excellent instruction video from YouTube and I was rewarded both with the knowledge communicated in the video and a big time chuckle.

 I thought I'd share the fun...(please don't miss the co-star of the video... and... watch all the way 'til the end.)

Looks like the Ring Lady has a  Molly too! What a hoot!

We decided that the possibilities afforded us with our new knowledge far exceeded the pipe-cleaners we had in our possession, so after a quick load-all-four-kids-in-the-van-at-seven-thirty-on-a-Friday-night trip to the craft store, we came home with a few bags full of pipe-cleaners for a dollar per bag.

Meg was a quick study and produced the flower for the hat card...

...and a ring for her finger.
(Meg is in what I like to call her "Orange Phase")

After the children were all tucked in, I may have been drawn in by all the pretty colors of pipe-cleaners strewn about my desk...
See the pretty butterfly? 

Gobs of fun for a dollar I'm tellin' ya!
Happy Weekend!!

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G'ma suz said...

flowers are beautifully crafted. Wish I could be there with my graham cracker to be YOUR co-star. Nice nails! Mom

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