Thursday, May 5, 2011


We are exactly halfway through birthday season this week with the looooooong awaited celebration of Megan's 11th birthday. Things remained very true to Wright Place traditions...
...breakfast on the Birthday plate...
... Birthday note...

...Birthday note? 
Wait a minute...that's not a normal birthday tradition!
What was that all about?
(We've She's been waiting a lifetime while for Daddy to come around to the idea of pierced ears...)
Wow! Can you believe it? She couldn't quite!
Meg was pretty surprised. Then she opened her next gift to find that...
...Granny wanted in on the action!!

Fast forward a few hours to Daddy's lunch time...
and we were off to accomplish the

After showing my Driver's License and signing a form 4 or 5 times and initialing it 4 or 5 more times, Meg was able to climb into the chair.

The purple dot marked the spots...
...Daddy was called in to consult on the evenness of the dots...
...and then he offered his hand for support while Kate looked on.
Meg was tough as nails, never even squeezing her Daddy's hand 
as was later reported by her Daddy who...
...decided not to watch "them inflict pain on my child".

All done!!!
Can you just hear that "Pheeewwww."

Happy Birthday Young Lady!
We love you.
(birthday collage by Grandma!)


G'ma suz said...

I hope you always keep that "fun-filled" sparkle in your beautiful eyes those little holes in your ears reflected in that mirror. You are so beautiful inside and out. Only to us did this time go toooooooo fast. However, Little Meg will always be inside. Love, Poppy, Gma, & Granny

Lori said...

Megan .... you looked MAH -- VA--LOUS dahling!!

Congrats and happy birthday!! We love you in Oregon!!!

Good job being brave dad! WTG!

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