Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Sunday Headlines



A baseball game.

A softball game.

A piano recital.

All of the details are a bit blurry, but the headlines go something like this...

Entire family arrives at church in time for Sunday School.

Half of family leaves worship service a smidge early to change clothes for the rest of the day.

Kid #1 Dropped off 30 minutes late for warm ups for baseball game.

Kid #3 Delivered to actual softball game 45 minutes late because the field was located in a part of our fair town known only to elves and gnomes (and Kid #1's teammate's father -- thank goodness)!

Kid #2 Had to catch a ride to her recital with her incoming grandparents and cousin and meet her mother and Kid #1 at the recital site in the next town over.

Kid #3 Missed the victory celebration at the Dairy Queen because she and her father had to haul buggy to Kid #2's piano recital.

Kid #2 arrived on time for her recital (probably because neither of her parents were involved in her transport to said event.) 

Unfortunately, the buggy hauling efforts of Kid #3 and her father were no match for the short yet sweet recital of Kid #2 and they missed the recital.

It's all good, however, because the mother of this ambitious group was able to film the stellar performance of Kid #2 with her cell phone while taking pictures with her camera (you may at this point wish to refer to the Mother's Day post from last week or, you can watch Meg's performance below.)
(Our family theme song!)

The "Kid #3 & Daddy" Buggy did arrive at the recital site just as the rest of the gang was leaving.
We took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Kid #1, Kid#2, Kid #3 AND Cousin #1 were loaded into a Subaru with Poppy (grandfather to everyone in this story with a number after his or her name...he's an accountant, he can handle it!!)

Next, Truck, Van, & Subaru return to our home and we bid fond farwells to Cousin #1 and Grandparents.

Weary family gathers at entrance of home and agrees on hot dogs for dinner and then someone suggests that Kid #4 should be picked up from the-nice-lady-that-rescues-her-on-days-like-today on the way home from getting hot dog buns from the store.

Parent #1 smacks forehead and says, "Oh yeah, Kid #4!"

Kid #4 arrives home along with the hot dog buns.

Dinner is a smashing ketchup-filled success during which it is decided that Kid #3 should be treated to a Dairy Queen treat. Kids #1, #2, and #4 all feel that they too should be included as does Parent #2.

Family snags a nice outdoor table at the DQ and enjoys quickly melting ice cream deliciousness.

Parent #2 sends Kid #2 to the car keys and cone in hand, to get the baby wipes (which Parent #2 is so very proud to have remembered to toss into the van on the way out the door...again please see Mother's Day post=-) to combat the sticky monster that always accompanies the family to the DQ.

Kid#2 returns from the van keys and cone in hand, but was unable to gain entry to the van because her cone was melting so fast that it required her undivided attentions.

Kid #1 was sent to the car coneless with keys in hand to get the aforementioned baby wipes.

Kid #1 returned from the mission baby wipes and mother's cell phone (to check the score of the Red Socks game) in hand but no keys which is strange because Parent #2 just finished issuing a warning regarding that very circumstance.

Parent #1's keys were locked in the van as were Parent #2's. 

Happily, we did have the baby wipes and ice cream AND we knew the score of the Red Socks game, so things really weren't THAT bad...RIGHT?

Road side assistance (a number dialed by our family only a few times less than the number to Poison Control) was notified and a tow truck was dispatched from, as it would happen, the same town as Kid #2's recital earlier in the day.

Kid #2 and Kid #3 and Kid #4 decided that a bathroom break was necessary, unfortunately, the DQ had closed five minutes before.

Shortly after the ice cream treats were eaten or had melted and the DQ had locked us out, the tow truck arrived.

Parent #2 decided that the children should learn how to break into cars, and so instructed all of the children to gather 'round  Tow Truck Man#1 and watch how he unlocked our van.

Tow Truck Man #1 quickly unlocked our doors and set off the car alarm, which sent Kid #4 into an ear plugging, eye widening episode.

Parent #1 found the keys and turned off the car alarm. 

Family drives home, exits the van in the driveway, and enters home. 

Parent #2 presses button to close garage door and hears Kid #4 crying "Mommy, mommy!" from the driveway.

Parent #2 stops descent of garage door and circles van in driveway to find Kid #4 (whom she thought was in the house with Kid #1, Kid #2, and Kid #3) standing on the opposite side of the van in tears.

Parent #2 scoops up distraught Kid #4 who yells, "Mommy, why did you leave me outside?"(This would NOT be a good time to read last week's Mother's Day post =-( )

Parent #1 AND Parent #2 spend a load of time trying to explain to an unforgiving Kid #4 that we thought she was in the house.

Kid #4 not buying it, still feeling thrown out like the trash.

Parent #1 and Parent #2 hope that someday Kid #4 will not be traumatized by her abandonment in the family driveway and that Kid #1, Kid #2 and Kid #3 are not traumatized by the day's missteps but will give their parents credit for the effort expended.

Kid #1 hoping that the Red Socks are victorious this season.

Kid #2 making plans to never let Kid #1 forget his flubbed mission for baby wipes.

Kid #3 looking up phone numbers to taxi services in our town to take her to her next game.

Kid #4 on the hunt for a spare garage door opener, just in case.

(Photos in this post have been treated with a "retro" filter on purpose, for fun. Please don't think that your computer screen is on the fritz! As always, thanks for reading. This May begins the third year of The Wright Place! )


Sudeana said...

Wat too fun, however, I must head back to bed now due to exhaustion from reading of your circus theme day ;)

Rick said...

I'm exhausted

Becky said...

whew! Always fun in the wright household! You never know where you will be when the day ends!

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