Friday, May 20, 2011

Thwim Thuit Theason

Hi! Molly Joy here and I've got a problem.

It's all thith birthday cake for breakfast stuff. These kids around here keep havin' birthdays and we keep  eating all thith ice cream cake for breakfast!

How'th a gal thupposed to watch her girlish figure? Every month for the last three months ice cream cake for breakfast. And it's not like I can just tell these folks, "No thankth! I had some last month! When it still wasn't my birthday...again!" They'd think I was just being jealous or something. So I graciously eat and eat and eat the stuff to make 'em all happy.  
You'd think they'd invented ice cream cake as nuts as they go for it!

Anyway, back to my problem. Here we are nearing the end of May, careening head-long into thwim thuit theason, and I'm thtill thportin' a good bit of that ice cream cake! 

Daddy says I'm too little to go with him the the YMCA like Colten does, but I'm thmarter than the average bear ya know! I caught Daddy warmin' up for a jog on the very thame morning of the last ice cream caking.
HaHA, I thought, problem solved! I'll just copy him...

Just lay down on the floor and put my handth behind my head sit up...

Oopth! My feet got loose! 
Here I go again...
...there, almost.
Hey are YOU at this?

Lemme give it another shot...
...handth behind the head, croth my feet and...

 Goodneth that's alot more difficult that it theemth!
I think we should be done now big fella...
I hear there's still some ice cream cake in the freezer...
...or...I could hang out here while you do a few more?
Whaddya think?
I'm worn out, but I think this belly is coming along nicely now.
Bring on thwim thuit theason,

I'm ready!
See ya at the pool!

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Rachel Clarke said...

Hahaha! This made me laugh. She is sooooo cute!

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