Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sticky Business

Today around the Wright place, everything was coming up sticky notes. The yellow kind. Everywhere I turned...
on my coffee cup...

on the oven...

 on the phone...

the bookshelves...

my desk...

on the curling iron...
all over the place.

What in the world could have precipitated such outpourings of affection?  
My excellent skills as a breakfast chef? 
No. I didn't fix breakfast this morning, it was a kind of a "fix your own" affair. 

Was it the break from chores I granted? 
No, everyone had piles and piles of clothes to put away and the kitchen was cleaned well and swept by the kiddos.  

Perhaps this child missed me so much last week while we were separated one from another? 
Probably not, half of the gang was swimming in hot tubs and eating Dilly Bars from the Dairy Queen while the other half of the gang was being treated to an unending feast of slushies and pedicures.

I know! It was a result of reading a poignant Mother's Day blog post and then deciding to act on the pure emotion that post stirred!!  Surely that was it!!


It might have gone something like this...

"What are you doing??? Are you finished with your history yet?"

"No, I'm working on my AWANA for this week."

"Do you want me to listen to your verses?"

"No Mom, this week I have to DO something to pass my section."

"Well, what do you have to DO?"

"I can't tell."

"Ohhhhhh, okay."

 It seems that my sticky displays of affection were assigned.  
Oh well, I'll take that kind of love...anyway I can get it!!


Becky said...

Assigned love still counts! You have to give her points for creativity!

G'ma suz said...

Just think . . instead of Hallmark in the mail, you have Hall"Meg" all over the house!! Good thing refills
of sticky notes came home with Cole and Molly. Have a fun day. I LOVE YOU ALL, Gma

Anonymous said...

Good one Meg!!!

(this is Mrs. Dawn)

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