Thursday, December 15, 2011

It Just Warms My Heart

Doesn't it just warm your heart... see men at the sink? 
Working together to make my job easier. 
Using those lovely muscles and all of that elbow grease so selflessly. 

I was so happy to see them conquering this task for me, because I just didn't think I could handle...
 (please note reflection in window...)
...all of the cookie dough removal from the spoon and beaters on my own!
Thanks guys, you really bailed me out!


Becky said...

Love It!!

G'ma suz said...

Dear Snicker-Doodle Factory Workers:That is a small problem with the Kitchen Aid mixers. The designer must have been single. Only one beater for good lickin' although it is a bit larger than the old "two" lickers! Keep a big spoon around for other helpers!! Have fun . . seems you all are….GREAT MEMORIES, MOM

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