Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shopping with Molly

When shopping with Molly, it is best not to take your eyes off of her for very long. Actually, it is best not to take your hands off of her for very long. Really, letting her out of the stroller to stretch her legs and then turning your attention to the selection of a loved one's Christmas gift is not at all advisable. If you happen to make such an error in judgement, most likely you will end up hearing an older child say something like...

"Oh my. Mooooommmmmm, look what Molly's doing."


"Time to turn on my charming grin."

"Watch, they spin...still not impressed?"

"How 'bout now? You like my hat?
 I know, I know, back into the stroller I go..."


G'ma suz said...

At least with Kate it was merely 49 necklaces around her pretty little neck. Although, thumbs up on the hat! Mom

Janet said...

Love the hat and the sweet girl wearing it.;) Miss her and all the Wrights. ((Hugs))

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