Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Snickerdoodle Factory

The Snickerdoodle Factory wishes to announce that it has begun production once again this year. The Factory is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new team member to the line for the busy holiday season.

Molly Joy is currently serving as a "roller-in-training" under the watchful eye of her ever more experienced supervisor Kate.

 Kate has risen quickly through the ranks of The Snickerdoodle Factory crew as last year she herself was low "roller" on the totem pole and in just one short year she is serving in a supervisory post.

The senior management of The Snickerdoodle Factory was unable to attend the opening ceremonies this year as they were detained in grammar and science related continuing education courses. It is hoped that by the week's end The Snickerdoodle Factory will be operating at 100% capacity with all employees participating.

The employees and management of The Snickerdoodle Factory...

...wish you all a very sweet and special Christmas season!! 
(Check back soon to see what else we're up to!)
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