Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catchin' a Whiff

My son was recently given a gift. When this happens, Cole gives his new gift quite an inspection, turning it over and over in his hands, looking at it from all angles, even giving it a sniff, if appropriate, to further acquaint himself with the new item.

Today, during the gift inspection process I heard, "It smells like Dad's office!"

"Son, you are a nut."

"No, Mom, really! Smell!!

And so I did. 

And it really did smell exactly like my Man's office at church.

I know of folks who particularly love the names of the colors of new cars which are named things like Lunar Mist. Others are fond of the names interior paint colors i.e., Urban Putty. Still others get excited about the names of fingernail polish colors like "Kiss Me On My Two Lips" (It's a beautiful bright spring pink!). My girl loves the name of her perfume Hailey, and I adore both the name and the scent of my Foglifter coffee. 

I'd often wondered how to describe the scent that meets me at the door of the "Inner Sanctum," (the name the kids and I use for my Man's office since we are not often encouraged to enter). I'd been thinking that it was the smell of order, and right angles, of peace and quiet, of sanity and deep thinking, if any of those things could actually emit a scent. 

My son, however, had finally solved the mystery, he with his nose somewhere between Proverbs and Malachi within the pages of his new study bible sniffing away and calling it like he smelled it. The scent was New Bible and, like an apple not far from its tree, he loved it.

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G'ma suz said...

For me (as you know) the wonderful scent of a new doll baby is brought from the far recesses of my heart and "smeller" by many things. . .mostly things like a new shower curtain. Then there is the scent of the "unique" smell of the old Barbie Perfume Maker which returns while cleaning the crisper (rotter) of the refrigerator and other similar tasks! Funny how smell unlocks the past.
I trust Cole will never forget that NEW BIBLE smell and it will unlock memories as well as the message. Mom

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