Monday, March 12, 2012

The Intangibles

They each required something of him this afternoon. Each wanting tended to in his or her very own way. Meg wanted his attention to show him a new website that she'd discovered. Kate, her savings effort topped off this week by her grandparents, was eager for him to place an online order for a new doll accessory. Molly, weary from a long morning in church had selected him and only him to tuck her in for her afternoon nap. Cole stopped him on his way to one of the girls and refocused his attention on a tied-up basketball championship on TV that was entering its final minute and could he please watch to see what happened.

Their Daddy had been gone for what was, in reality, less than a week, but in time measured differently....he'd been gone for much longer. As the children grow older, it has become easier get from day to day when my Man is traveling. Parenting tasks that used to be so difficult to handle on my own day after day, bath times, bed times, middle-of-the-night times, in the early morning times, and meal times are not nearly as difficult these days I suspect because of generous amounts of assistance by the older children or because I've got a year or two more experience under my belt. 

These days when my Man is away, we miss him in a slightly different capacity.

We discovered that when Daddy's away, everyday events still happen, but with half of the notice. When Daddy's away, there are still conversations to be had, but with half of the added perspective. When Daddy's away, there's still a big bed that invites early risers in first thing in the day, but it is only half occupied. When Daddy's away, corny jokes still get bantered about, but with half of the laughter. When Daddy's away, kids still do the amazing things that kids will do, but with half of the applause. 

Seems we all acutely missed the presence of our fearless leader last week in the intangibles

Happily, Daddy is safely and tangibly home and we have decided that...

...we just might love him TWICE as much!

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