Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The UPS Man Cometh…or Maybe NOT?!!

I'd been listening for it all morning. While the dishwasher repairman was here, while I washed the breakfast dishes (the dishwasher...a lost cause), while Meg's piano teacher was here, over the scaling notes, I listened.

Just after lunch I heard the familiar sound, my heart skipped a beat or two. I wondered if the children had heard it as well. Smiling to myself, I went on about the day, just waiting.

"MOM!!" Meg came into the room, "I heard the UPS truck and I went to the door but it was going down the hill without even coming on our street!! Do you think maybe he'll take our stuff to the church?"

The he in question was, of course, the UPS guy who detests delivering packages on our little curvy, narrow, dead-end street. Imagine his glee when one day he discovered that my Man was accessible at the church just across the main street from our home, the church with the big parking lot with two entrances and exits apiece where the man in brown could, with grand ease, deliver our family's packages to my Man.

Generally, we try to be easy going folks and we normally don't mind the ease taking of our delivery guy,  but today we minded JUST A BIT!! Our hard-earned loot was on that hill-descending brown truck and we wanted it sooner than later, thank you very much!!

Last week my Man went to a conference in sunny California. Yessir, up and left us all at home and went gallivanting' about the country with one of his buds. While he was away...we stayed home {queue pitiful violins} and carried on with stiff upper lips. Actually, our upper and lower lips were pretty busy eating lots of really colorful and interesting food while he was gone...but that's for another post altogether.

Back to the loot. Since he was on the other side of the continent it was necessary for my Man to ship our I-got-to-go-to-California-and-you-guys-didn't gifts back home to us along with lots of books from the conference. We had no idea what he'd selected for us, but we did have it on very good authority this morning that the loot was in the area and would surely arrive this very day. We were all a'twitter.

A'twitter or not, there went the UPS truck down the hill and out of our lives. Maybe tomorrow?


It just so happened that Meg had a meeting of sorts down at the church. Into the car and down the hill we went, pulling into one of the church's two parking lot entrances just in time to see the UPS man loading a dolly back onto his truck. Waving to us, he drove away...again. Meg was off to her gathering and I headed to my Man's office where I found him unboxing quite a number of books amidst a flurry of packing noodles.

"Ah," I said, spotting a beautifully covered Bible journal, "that looks like mine." Smiling, my Man picked up the journal and handed it to me then reached back into the stack and pulled out a book shaped box in which was a beautifully bound Bible and handed that over as well. Then he handed me a box from Amazon.com that I had also been awaiting. It was a good delivery day after all…

I agree with the prolific author Garrison Keillor when he says, "A book is a gift that you can open over and over again." Happily, it only has to be delivered ONCE!!

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